10 Reasons Why Justin and Selena are a Perfect Match: (and YOU’RE NOT!)

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10 Reasons Why Justin and Selena are a Perfect Match: (and YOU’RE NOT!)


  1. They have a lot in common (more than you!)
  2. They’re both stars
  3. They have great voices and can do concerts together
  4. They really understand what it means to really not have time, and they understand last minute cancellations better than you ever will
  5. They’re photogenic and look great together
  6. Justin looks up to Selena and honestly loves her
  7. Justin is the ultimate romantic
  8. Selena has experience handling the paparazzi
  9. It’s great publicity for them both
  10. Justin can have some male fans, too, now that some boys’ girlfriends still love Justin but are giving up on him ever loving them (which is a good thing because their chances are one in more than a trillion and their wasting their life)

My advice to you? Love Justin, but get a life.  If you all of the sudden hate Selena Gomez, check to make sure it’s not just jealousy over something you can never have. Grin and bear it, be realistic, and get a boyfriend who’s available.

Love, Faygee Malibun

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