10-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide: Bullying Cause of Death?

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A ten-year-old boy commits suicide and a Milwaukee town wonders if the cause of death was from bullying. His mom found him dead over the weekend. Now the public weighs in on what led to this tragedy.

Boy Commits Suicide Over Bullying? Details of the Ten-Year-Old Boy Found Dead

According to Today’s TMJ 4 News in Wisconsin, a woman found her son unresponsive in their north side home on Saturday night. She called 911, and authorities arrived a short time later.

Unfortunately, paramedics were not able to revive the lifeless boy. After police and the Medical Examiner’s Office conducted its first investigation, the cause of death was ruled a suicide.

Nevertheless a full post-mortem exam will be done to learn the official cause of death. When a ten-year-old boy commits suicide, the news causes a stir in the community.

Public Reacts to Suicide of the 10-Year-Old Boy Found Dead: Bullying in Schools Still a Concern

Today, when a child takes his or her own life, many questions are asked about what could have been done to prevent such a tragedy.

While bullying has always been part of the culture of growing up in developed societies, the impact and frequency is more prevalent than ever before. Here are just a few responses from the public on bullying and the tragedy after the boy committed suicide:

“This is horrible!!!! What would make a 10 year old want to commit suicide?? I pray for his family and friends that they may find some comfort.” ~ Sabrina Sprouse

“What was the method used? How did this child have knowledge and accessibility to the method? Was this a bully or domestic violence victim? ineocortex.” ~ Ineocortex

Other Bullying Stories in Schools and in the News

This story is similar to another involving the suicide of Jasmine McClain, a ten-year-old girl who hanged herself. Reportedly, bullying by her peers was too much to bear. In the end, the young child died, her mother holding her as she took her last breath. Check out the YouTube video of the news story.

Still, another story involving 11-year-old Mitchell Willis is just as chilling. Reportedly, the boy was beaten up by a group of his peers, who also stole his iPhone. After the incident, Willis committed suicide.

Undoubtedly, police will investigate thoroughly, not just because a ten-year-old boy commits suicide, but because the number of incidents from bullying are increasing. Hopefully, the investigation does not point to foul play; the family is already bearing the shock of the death of the ten-year-old boy found dead.


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