10-Year-Old Gives Birth in Spain Where Consensual Incest Is Legal

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A mother’s 10-year-old-girl has given birth in Spain, and reports say the father is her 13-year-old cousin.  The 10-year-old-girl who gave birth is actually a gypsy from Romania, and was visiting Spain.  Was she there to escape prosecution in Romania where consensual incest is illegal, and a common practice in Spain?

News spread all across the planet as a 10-year-old-girl who gave birth in Spain became the subject of debate regarding the common practices in some countries of incest, and the laws governing underage births.

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The girl’s mother has been under fire when she celebrated the birth of the 10-year-old’s newborn.  She said that underage births are of no consequence, and it’s common in her country.

However, Romania, a country heavily Orthodox, has mixed views on consensual incest among close family members.  Currently, France, Portugal, and Spain are three countries in the European Union that do not prosecute consensual incest.  Some proponents say that “it’s no one’s business what consenting family members do in the bedroom”.  Opponents point to the lack of morals, and how the act corrupts the institution of family.

However, Romania prosecutes this offense rather severely.  It carries a penalty of up to seven years in prison.  In an effort to move more towards solidarity because they joined the union 2 years ago, Romania is considering dropping the long-standing stigma.

This may be why the mother of the 10-year-old-girl who gave birth in Spain said the pregnancy of underage children is not uncommon.

Since Spain will not jail offenders of consensual incest, perhaps the Romanian family were there to escape prosecution in their own country.  But, they forgot one thing; the laws allowing consensual incest applies to adults.  The 10-year-old-girl who gave birth in Spain is hardly an adult.

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