100 Things I love about My Husband

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100 Things I love about My Husband 

  1. He has a good heart
  2. He gets very passionate about things like baseball and not going to war
  3. He’s the best dad ever
  4. He loves me
  5. He’s a talented lover
  6. He is loyal
  7. He has beautiful blue eyes
  8. He’s willing to try new foods
  9. He’s a great role model for potential dads
  10. He is a wonderful cook – try his green chili chicken enchiladas
  11. He loves in sickness and health
  12. He doesn’t drink
  13. He smells so good
  14. He buys special treats for me
  15. He puts up with my cat
  16. He’s tall
  17. He’s very warm against my cold feet
  18. He has very kissable lips
  19. He’s a good teacher
  20. He loves our son with his whole heart
  21. He’s always rational
  22. He’s a cheeky wee monkey
  23. He listens
  24. He’s a night owl
  25. He’s smarter than a whip
  26. He bakes cookies on cold days
  27. He could win a spelling bee
  28. He can kick butt
  29. He draws straight lines with a steady hand
  30. He doesn’t suffer fools
  31. He plays the organ
  32. He loves music and can sing on pitch
  33. He has a gorgeous red beard
  34. He reads as much as I do
  35. He takes all of my BookCrossing trades and RABCKs (Random Acts of BookCrossing Kindness) to the post office for me
  36. He cooks foods for me that he hates to eat
  37. He’s unselfish
  38. He does crosswords with me, but rarely says cross words to me
  39. He knows karate
  40. He speaks his mind
  41. He’s a good storyteller
  42. He unashamedly ogles beautiful women
  43. He knows and uses big words
  44. He isn’t afraid to say he doesn’t know and then look it up
  45. He can get to the heart of a matter
  46. He’s very punny
  47. He doesn’t make fun of me for watching soap operas
  48. He looks 10 years younger than he really is
  49. He’s kind
  50. He still doesn’t have a grey hair on his head
  51. He doesn’t interrupt
  52. He knows a lot of stuff
  53. He’s got a huge vocabulary
  54. He remembers to record TV programs for me
  55. He looks great in jeans
  56. He can swear like a sailor
  57. He buys me good chocolate
  58. He doesn’t snore
  59. He opens jars that are stuck
  60. He takes all the spiders outside for me
  61. He knows all about the Infield Fly Rule
  62. He tells the best bedtime baseball stories
  63. He has all these great Midwestern sayings
  64. He’s brave
  65. He’s proud of his farts
  66. He knows how to sharpen knives
  67. He can be very sensitive when it matters most
  68. He scratches my itches where I can’t reach
  69. He always makes me feel smart for marrying him
  70. He knows Mark Twain inside out
  71. He wears button fly 501s
  72. He can type by touch
  73. He’s got sharp shins
  74. He’s got perfect teeth
  75. He doesn’t mind my celebrity crush
  76. He knows who’s who and what’s what in the world
  77.  He cleans the cat litter box
  78. He’s a “till death do us part” kind of guy
  79. He lifts me up when I’m down
  80. He gets my jokes
  81. He’s the best Trivial Pursuit partner ever!
  82. He has his own separate life
  83. He’s made friends with a really great butcher
  84. He scrubs my back in the bath
  85. He knows how to start a fire in the fireplace
  86. He cooks a perfect ham and cheese omelet
  87. He has “Who’s on First” memorized
  88. He doesn’t mind if I cry watching sappy movies
  89. He plants fuchsias for me in the spring
  90. He’s tall
  91. He wears cool hats
  92. He eats chile peppers without breaking a sweat
  93. His feet never stink
  94. He likes licorice too
  95. He enjoys going off alone to fly kites
  96. He taught me to appreciate bluegrass
  97. He bowls with 16 lb. balls
  98. He never talks with his mouth full or snaps gum
  99. He always opens doors for women
  100. He’s willing to bet on a long shot


I challenge you to make your own list of things you love about your significant other. It creates a renewed sense of love, honor and appreciation. Leave your link in my comments and I’ll come read it too.

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