10th Season of Dancing with the Stars

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10th Season of Dancing with the Stars


The lineup news for the 10th season of Dancing with the Stars is slowly being leaked out into the internet. The official lineup is supposed to be released during the commercials during the final show of the Bachelor (will Jake choose Vienna or not…we’ll see!)


Paula Abdul had been rumored to be in the new cast, but that has since been denied. Since she was a choreographer herself, I would hate to have her for a contestant…it simply wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the dancers.


Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals will be performing (on the dance floor – not the football field).


Kate Gosselin will also be joining the cast. It will be interesting to see how she does in a reality show competition without her kids.


Pamela Anderson has signed on. Better wear a good sports bra with those girls Pammy.


More names will be released today!

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