11-11-11: Nigel Tufnel Day Celebrates ‘Spinal Tap’

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11-11-11 is finally upon the world and that means that Spinal Tap fans everywhere will be reveling in the absurdity of Nigel Tufnel Day. Despite being an unofficial holiday there’s no doubt that fans who have been amped (pun intended) for this day to arrive will be celebrating in some way.

For the uninitiated Nigel Tufnel Day is named after the beloved character of the same name from the mock-documentary film This Is Spinal Tap made by comedic god and genius, Christopher Guest. In the hilarious film Nigel famously shows off his special amp which “goes to 11″ which is, of course, “one louder” than any ordinary amplifier. If you haven’t yet seen this film then 11-11-11 is absolutely the day to do it. It is a classic and well-worth watching and rewatching, perhaps 11 times?

Those tried and true Spinal Tap fans should celebrate Nigel Tufnel Day spouting their favorite lines to co-workers and spouses, paying homage to miniature Stone Henge replicas and, of course, kicking their amps up to 11 as they blast “Gimme Some Money” on the drive to work.

If you’re not otherwise occupied googling conspiracy theories or getting married, consider spending 11-11-11 honoring Nigel Tufnel Day and celebrate what rock and roll is really about: being loud.

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