11-Year-Old Babysitter Kills 2-Year Old Baby

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In a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, an 11-year-old babysitter is charged with felony murder of a 2-year-old baby. Zyda White is dead after her baby sitter claims Zyda fell off the bed, but autopsy reports say there was blunt force trauma to the head and torso which is inconsistent with the babysitter’s report. The incident took place on Saturday, when the baby’s mother came home and found the baby blue.

“When the mother of the dead child came to know this incident in the baby sitter’s home, she took her child Zyda to Scottish Rite Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. An autopsy on the dead body of the girl indicated that she suffered had suffered injuries caused by blunt force to her head, torso and buttocks,” according to All Voices.

The tragedy here is that the 11-year-old is a child herself, and while she is in the juvenile justice system, her liability is punishment by her age. Should an 11-year-old be left alone with a baby of 2-years-old? A baby that young is a handful at best, and there may be some liability on the part of both the baby’s mother and the mother of the 11-year-old.

Did the child just lose her temper and feel frustrated? This is such a borderline age to be babysitting a baby so young. What should be done with a child who murders a baby, and knew enough to lie about what happened? What a terrible tragedy this is. 

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