11-year-old Boy Snaps UFO over Epping Forest (Photo)

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UFO hunters spend long hours looking at the sky, camera in hand. But few have the good luck of 11-year-old Jack Brody. He recently spotted one hovering over his Epping Forest, England backyard and immediately ran to get a camera to snap the picture below.

Of course, this is the magnified version of the sighting, enhanced by his father, Simon, who conferred with a mate over the multi-colored, bright and flashing unidentified flying object Jack had caught on film.

“When we zoomed in and looked at the picture closer I said to my friend, who was visiting, ‘you have to come and see this.’ ” “We just could not work out what it was. It is a kind of silver circular thing. It is very odd.”

Although some claim it must be a balloon, the Brody’s disagree after having actually seen the UFO with their own eyes.

“When a plane came close to it it was there one minute and the next minute it was not, you could not hear it fly off, you just could not see it again” said Mr. Brody.

It just goes to show, at any age, it pays to keep looking up.

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