112th Congress Day 1: Broken Promises by House Republicans

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House Republicans are celebrating the start of the 112th Congress by breaking key promises made to voters during the 2010 midterm elections. GOP lawmakers plan to use the same legislative bag of tricks they railed last year to rush their two-page health care reform repeal through the House next week.

In establishing new rules aimed at making the legislative process more transparent, Republican rule makers said that every bill should go through a normal committee process. The health care reform bill will not go before any committee. They also promised that the process for amending bills would become more open, according to Politico. Amendments to the health care repeal bill will be limited. Voting on the bill is scheduled for January 12th, leaving little time for the full debate that Republicans promised every bill would receive during the 112th Congress.

What’s the rush? Everyone seems to agree that the repeal bill has no chance of passing in the Senate, and President Obama will have his veto waiting at the White House if it does. Why not allow a full debate on the health care repeal bill? The truth is that Republicans know very well that they can’t prove the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is a “job-killing bill”, as they like to call it. There is simply no hard evidence to back up this claim. By rushing the repeal bill through the House, they hope to avoid having a debate that could expose the weakness of their case. It’s all about protecting a key talking point that the GOP leaderships wants to keep safely locked away until the 2012 election.

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