12 Brides -To – Be Compete For Plastic Surgery On New Reality Show

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The biggest day of your life, your wedding, is right around the corner and you’re really excited. You look in the mirror trying to imagine what your hair will look like, your make up, your teeth, but wait, what’s wrong here? Your nose looks a little larger than it did this morning. And the girls just aren’t as perky as they were last week. And, oh no, how did you end up with three chins overnight? What are you going to do? Call off the wedding? Elope? Become a runaway bride? How about going on a new reality show and winning a little pre wedding plastic surgery?

On November 28, E! will be airing a new television reality show called “Bridalplasty.” The show is pretty basic. Twelve brides – to – be will be competing in wedding challenges to win anything from brow lifts to breast enhancements.

Each contestant consults with Dr. Dubrow, a surgeon to the stars, and creates a surgery “wish list.” The aim is not to be eliminated and win the game. The last remaining bride wins her dream wedding and the surgical procedures on her “wish list.”

“Bridalplasty” will be hosted by Shanna Moakler, a former Miss USA.

Fox News reports that one behavior expert, Patrick Wanis, stated that the show is attacking women and sending a message that a woman can never be good enough.

“Women are bombarded with advertising and messages that there is something wrong with them, something missing – they need to look younger, slimmer and change the shape of their body – they need to be perfect. This new show tells women, that even after a man has fallen in love with you the way you are, you still need to do more, you still need to be better because you are simply not good enough.

“’Bridalplasty’ is damaging to relationships because it encourages the show’s participants and all female viewers to focus on their body and not their inner beauty or the love they can express and bring to the marriage and relationship.”

Anna David, editor of the book, Reality Matters, said that, “It certainly would be far healthier in the long run for a woman to examine the issues behind wanting to change how she looks in talk therapy rather than just going under the knife. I see fewer issues in the woman’s future marriage over the fact that she looks different than how she did when the guy fell for her and more about the woman becoming increasingly convinced that all issues have a quick-fix solution; there’s no surgery, after all, that can repair a troubled relationship.”

But experts in the entertainment industry don’t believe that today’s audiences will be swayed by what they see on television. Really?

E!’s programs are aimed at younger viewers, aged 18 – 34. There are many experts who believe that “Bridalplasty” could pose some danger to them.

USC Professor of English & Gender Studies, Karen Tongson said, “many brides are already under pressure to slim down or transform their bodies by the wedding date in order to fit into that ‘once in a lifetime’ wedding dress and ‘Bridalplasty’ is simply another step down that same path.”

“Young girls/women are usually very suggestible; they look to others to define their self-image. When superficiality is glamorized, complexes about physical characteristics are created that didn’t exist before,” explained Los Angeles-based psychologist, Dr. Nancy Irwin.

E! has not made any comments about the controversy of the show.

But how popular will “Bridalplasty” be? It will most likely have high ratings, at least at first, because this is the kind of program that people are curious about. It will be interesting to see if the show lasts much longer than its first season though. But stranger things have been known to happen.

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