132 Pound Toddler: Medical Mystery – Lu Hao Gains Weight at Uncontrollable Rate

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A 132 pound toddler in China has become a medical mystery. The toddler, Lu Hao, 3, was born underweight at 5.7 pounds, but now weighs as much as an adult. Doctors are baffled by his unnatural weight gain!

File:Unbalanced scales.svgA three-year-old toddler normally weighs about 31 pounds, not 132 pounds! Lu Hao’s parents have tried unsuccessfully to curb his appetite. Their efforts have been met with temper tantrums and tears.

Some children have terrible tantrums when they’re not happy; however, that shouldn’t stop Lu Hao’s parents from doing what’s best for the toddler. Being a happy toddler at 132 pounds is probably next to impossible.

Lu Hao hasn’t been alive long enough to understand what’s good for his body. He is a toddler so his parents should do all they can to ensure his quality of life gets better.

Lu Yuncheng, Lu Hao’s father, stated that Hao can eat three big bowls of rice at a sitting. Furthermore, Hao will “cry nonstop” if he’s denied food. There are so many red flags waving over the toddler’s head that says he is not healthy in any way!

Doctors are still baffled by the cause of the toddler’s unnatural weight gain. Some doctors believe that Lu Hao’s low birth weight may be linked to his alarming appetite.

Readers, What do you think about this case?

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