140 Year Old Hot Dog at Coney Island!

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140 year old hot dog was a headline I could not resist! Was there really a 140 year old hot dog found at Brooklyn’s Coney Island? I remember riding the world famous Cyclone with my dad as a kid, then munching on Nathan’s hot dogs as we walked along the Coney Island boardwalk. Now that all of that is gone, was a 140 year old hot dog really located by historians?

While the tale of a 140 year old hot dog preserved in ice sounds nice, it seems the whole story was a hoax. Despite that fact, it seems CNN and News 12 ran with the 140 year old hot dog story…at least for awhile.

The New York Post reports the 140 year old hot dog doesn’t really exist. So how did the 140 year old hot dog story start? Historians made a claim the snack was preserved frozen in a hunk of ice. They put the hot dog with a bun in a sidewalk display with a sign stating, “1st Hot Dog.”

According to Tricia Vita, spokeswoman for the Coney Island history project, “The recent discovery by an amateur archaeologist of the ‘140 Year Old Feltman’s Hot Dog’ encased in ice along with a bun, [and] an original receipt from Feltman’s, … was a publicity stunt in the grand tradition of Coney Island ballyhoo.”

Vita commented, “I was surprised in the beginning at how many people believed it was true. But after reading all the buzz about it on Twitter and the Internet, I’m not really that surprised because people want to believe these types of things are true.”

Here is a YouTube video of Coney Island during its heyday…without a 140 year old hot dog in sight:


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