15″ Macbook Air is in the Making

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Rumors hit the newsstands on Monday saying that the tech mogul, Apple has decided to upgrade their Macbook Air line with the new inclusion of a 15″ Macbook Air.

The last few years Apple has won over the hearts and wallets of many students, professionals, and thousands if not millions of people in between. They rely on leading technology combined with sleek, lightweight design to offer an overall “in-style” atmosphere. One of the things that people like about Apple’s MacBooks is their unique line of ‘Airs.’ These laptops shine above the rest when it comes to being thin and lightweight. On the downside, these smaller computers cannot handle the same ‘super-processors’ that are in the regular MacBooks. They are also only available in 11.6″ or 13.3″…until now.

On Monday, DigiTimes reported that along with newer versions of the 11″ and 13″ Airs, Apple is releasing the brand new 15″ model. It’s about time that they listen to their customers. While being wonderfully light (and slightly overpriced) the smaller Air models are just too small for some people. Finally there is an in-between.

The 15″ Macbook Air, for now at least, will have all the same hardware pros and cons as the previous editions of the Air except consumers finally get their wish: an extremely lightweight laptop that has a screen large enough to see! Now you can finally attempt to bring Grandma into the current century by starting her on this Macbook.

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