’16 and Pregnant’ Alex Sekella Reveals She Is Working Three Jobs!

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The most recent episode of the hit MTV show 16 and Pregnant featured a girl named Alexandria Sekella who was raising her daughter, Arabella, with virtually no help. Her mother and family were there to support her, but the one person who wasn’t was her daughter’s father, Matt. Alex tried to make things work, giving him chance after chance, but in the end, Matt chose partying over his daughter.

Alex was working hard on the show, splitting her time between her daughter, school, and her two jobs. That’s right, this teen mom was stuck working two jobs, one at a fast food restaurant and the other at a dance studio (where she had to take Arabella with her), while Matt provided no financial support. Since her 16 and Pregnant episode aired, though, she picked up a third job working retail. While she probably has little free time (of course, when you’re a mother, the word “free time” is non-existent to begin with), it is encouraging to see her stepping up and making sure she provides a good life for her daughter.

Alex has revealed that Matt’s drug addiction is actually worse than what the cameras captured and that he doesn’t see his daughter. Further showing that she is a strong woman, Alex is planning on attending college online in the fall in order to further her education and set a good example for her daughter.

Fans spoke out and overwhelmingly want to see Alex Sekella on the new Teen Mom 3, but would she even have time to film? If she would, she would certainly be a perfect fit for the show!

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