’16 and Pregnant’ Briana Dejesus Opens Up About Why She Couldn’t Choose Abortion

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On last’s night’s episode of 16 and Pregnant, viewers met Briana Dejesus, a mature and intelligent teen from Florida. She graduated high school a year early and is excited for college, but she end’s up pregnant by her boyfriend Devoin.

In the episode, it is obvious that Devoin doesn’t want to be a part of his daughter’s life and in Briana’s After Show interview, she reveals that he still isn’t around. She makes a statement that shows her maturity, saying that if Devoin is not apart of Nova’s life, then he loses out, not Briana.

On her episode, fans watched the relationship she had with her sister, Brittany, strain during her pregnancy. It was revealed that Brittany had gotten pregnant around the same time as Briana, but had opted for abortion. In the interview, Briana talks about abortion and her decision whether or not to have one. She said she thought about it, but her “gut” decision was to not go through with it.

Although a lot of people may slam her for her comments, the truth is that often on 16 and Pregnant, the girls decision is cut and dry. Rarely do they talk about abortion or the emotions that come along with that decision. Briana states that she and her sister don’t really talk about the situation, but that “they should.”

Too often in the past, MTV has picked girls for Teen Mom based on who would bring the most drama. Since a third installment of the show has been announced, many wonder who will be picked. With her maturity and unique situation, Briana Dejesus would be a good choice for the show as girls could learn a lot from her. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and could certainly help to educate young girls about teen pregnancy.

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