16 and Pregnant: Jenelle

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Looks like we got another Farrah on our hands! Jenelle and her boyfriend Andrew has a relationship similar to Maci and Ryan from last season. Andrew has no job, no license and he’s an alcoholic.

After Jenelle convinced her parents to let Andrew stay the weekend, Her parents, especially her mother gave him a piece of her mind when his father picked Andrew up. She told him that this is not a hotel and her dad said that he needs to step up and be a father. Andrew’s response was by lashing out and using foul language, but his dad just shook his head in agreeance to what they were saying.

Weeks before the baby was due, Jenelle had a baby shower and Andrew was a no-show. Later that day she didn’t want to help her mom clean up, but instead went out with her friends. Andrew called and snapped on her, calling her friends stupid crap.

Two weeks early Jenelle’s water broke and she texted Andrew while she was in labor and to her surprise he showed up to the hospital. After 12 hours of labor Jenelle had a baby boy named Jace. She and Andrew  had a talk and he promised to get a job and an apartment for Jenelle and the baby. Days later, Andrew spent 7 days in jail for drunk driving and right after getting released he got drunk again. Jenelle became fed up with his behavior. She called him and they broke up with each other at the same time.

Jenelle began to party every night and her mother was getting fed up with taking care of her baby after working 40 hours a day. When her mom approached her about her irresponsibility, Jenelle then lashed out on her mother also using foul language.

“Shut up, Get the f*** out my face.” Jenelle said disrespecting her mother.

Jenelle later realized her behavior towards her mom and her baby was out of control and she then asked her mom to help her raise her son. Her mother said in return that, Jenelle needs to step up and be responsible. Jenelle then told her mom that her goal is to finish school and get a job.

First of all, there is no way my 16 year old son would be able to talk to me in that manner and still have teeth! But it sounds like to me Jenelle will be raising Jace as a single parent, with the help of her parents. Jenelle admitted to having unprotected sex several times before she got pregnant. She also said at one point she stopped taking her birth control because she and Andrew had an argument, but they made up and had sex and that’s how she got pregnant.

Also why do these teenage girls think they can have these babies and still have their fun too! No, that’s not how that works! In my opinion if you have a baby then you have to put your social life on hold until time permits. Children are important and they come first. And if they are so desperate to be parents then they need to be responsible. It’s a good thing some of these teens have their parents to help them but these teen parents also need to understand having a baby takes committment in responsibility. You don’t get to party everyday and hang out with your friends and it’s not noone else’s job to take care of your children but your own! Before you have a child you are a teen once you have a child you become an adult-instantly!

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