’16 and Pregnant’ Jordan Howard: Was There Really Racism?

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On Tuesday’s episode of 16 and Pregnant, fans met Jordan Howard a pregnant Pennsylvania teen! This episode was quite interesting and dealt with some things that MTV hasn’t touched on much in the past.

Jordan is African American while her boyfriend, Tyler, is Caucasian. The episode makes race appear to be an issue, but Jordan made sure to make it clear that her mother is not racist by tweeting, “My mom is white and father is black. She is not prejudice. Biracial is my whole life. Accept it.”

Nevertheless, her mother does not like Tyler (for whatever reason) and will not allow him in the house. As a result, Jordan stays with Tyler, who is an upstanding young man, even buying everything for the baby.

Jordan’s mom throws a surprise baby shower, but makes scene, asserting her power and control over her daughter. She even goes as far as to threaten not to sign for Jordan to have an epidural! However, Jordan chooses not to hear it and leaves.

Remember the baby stuff that Tyler bought? Jordan’s mom has it, but Jordan decides to go back and get it while she isn’t home. Obviously, she isn’t happy and leaves a vicious voicemail for Jordan who, in turn, ignores her. Eventually, her mother realizes that they all need to sit down and talk and she agrees to let Tyler at the house in the future, but is she sincere?

On May 31, Jordan gave birth to a 9 lb 3 oz baby boy, Chase Alexander. After the baby is born, Jordan goes back to her mother’s and Tyler doesn’t seem to be too involved with his son. It seems that he feels uncomfortable about going to Jordan’s house, after all the harsh words said. Although Tyler had real father potential, at the end of the episode, he goes weeks without coming around. At the end of the episode, Jordan expresses that she wants to go for full custody of Chase.

What did you think of Jordan Howard’s episode of 16 and Pregnant episode?

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