’16 and Pregnant’ Katie Yeager Reveals What She Initially Wanted To Name Her Daughter

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On the première of MTV’s new season of 16 and Pregnant, viewers met Katie Yeager, a Wyoming girl who is wise beyond her years. After her episode, fans still wonder what she is up to.

The teen mom and Joey, the father of her baby, are now engaged. Viewers may recall that Katie was determined to make it to Colorado, but unfortunately, due to Joey’s job working in the mines, the couple still resides in Wyoming. However, they are making the best of it and have even moved into a new (bigger!) home. Even though she isn’t in her dream state, Katie isn’t giving up on her dreams and is still working on her schooling.

MTV recently released an unseen clip from Katie Yeager’s 16 and Pregnant episode, showing a dilemma that parents to be are all too commonly faced with: baby names!

Although the two eventually agreed upon the adorable name, Molli J, Katie initially had another darling name in mind as well: Olivia. The name is pretty and has been quite popular over the last couple of years, but Katie can not convince Joey. The name they picked doesn’t rank as high on top baby name lists and with an “i” instead of a “y,” the were able to add a unique twist to their daughter’s name.

The clip below shows Katie and Joey discussing the name options. Do you like the name that the couple decided on?

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