’16 and Pregnant’ Kristina Robertson Finds Love after Losing Fiance in Swimming Accident

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Fans of 16 & Pregnant experienced a different story on last night’s episode of the show, as Kristina Robertson shared her emotional story. Not only did she lose her fiancé before she gave birth to her son, Lucas, in a tragic accident that plagued the family, but she also gave birth too early, meaning she had to stay in the hospital for over a month and leave her son behind in intensive care. It was such a heartbreaking story, and it was one that forced a teenager to grow up to deal with adult issues within hours.

Well, it has been months since the episode was filmed, and Wetpaint Entertainment did some digging to see what Kristina has been up to since her episode was filmed. And there is some good news from this 16 & Pregnant star. Kristina Robertson got engaged to a man named TJ Head on December 23rd, 2011. And if you thought she was moving too fast, you will be surprised to learn that she actually got married in March, less than a year after Todd died.

16 and Pregnant: Kristina Robinson and Her Mom Take Care of Baby Lukas

Her quick decision to move on has left a sour note with Todd’s mother and his side of the family. “Kristina had changed her number, and I feel that I got to see my grandson only for MTV and my son and daughter-in-law. I have only seen Lil Todd #2 four times. She is trying to keep the baby from all of us, and it isn’t fair,” explains Todd’s mother, who was featured on 16 & Pregnant.

Of course, Kristina still cares about Todd as she still visits his grave. She wasn’t trying to replace Todd, but she probably wanted some companionship. Do you think she moved too fast, or was this best for her?

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