’16 and Pregnant’ Kristina Shows True Stength

The season finale of 16 and Pregnant was the episode that everyone had been waiting for and has already drawn comparisons to that of original Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham. Kristina Robinson seems to have her life together. She is engaged to her boyfriend, and the two are expecting their first child, but then her world comes crashing down when her boyfriend, Todd, drowns.

Luckily, she has a lot of support from both families. However, her mother seems to be pushing Kristina to talk about the incident, but Kristina is obviously not comfortable doing that. Of course, who can blame her? She is young, pregnant, and lost the love of her life.

Obviously, she is very stressed out, which may have contributed to her having some complications. The doctors decide to keep her in the hospital as a precaution until she gives birth (which is two months away!). She keeps photos of Todd by her bedside which has to be bittersweet. To try and cheer her up, Kristina’s friends and family throw her a baby shower at the hospital, but not eve that can lift her spirits completely.

Kristina goes into labor 6 weeks early and, although she was initially against having her mother in the delivery room, decides she can be there. She names her baby boy Lukas (a name that Todd liked) and gives him the middle name Todd. Though the little guy weighs in at only 3 lbs. 3 ounces, he is a fighter, and Kristina eventually gets to bring him home.

Of course, she still has a lot of emotions and decides to go talk to a therapist. It is truly heartbreaking to see such a young girl go through such a trying experience, but she has been able to move on with her life. She is now married and goes by Kristina Head. While a lot of people may have their difference of opinions about this, it is good to see her getting on with her life. No matter what, she will always have a piece of Todd with her.

What did you think of the season finale of 16 and Pregnant? Would you like to see Kristina on Teen Mom 3?

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