’16 and Pregnant’ Mackenzie Douthit: What She Doesn’t Want Gannon To Do

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On her 16 and Pregnant episode, Mackenzie Douthit wasn’t too keen on her boyfriend, Josh, continuing to participate in the rodeo after he was injured in a car accident. While it appeared that he was indeed going to stop, it was revealed in the “after show” clip that he went back to the rodeo. Now, a recently unaired clip reveals how Mackenzie feels about her son possibly going into the sport.

Mackenzie gives a firm “no,” when her friends ask if she will allow Gannon to become a bull rider. It makes sense that she wouldn’t want her son to follow his dad’s footsteps because it can be very dangerous. Despite her opposition, Mackenzie and her friends agree that Gannon would make an adorable cowboy.

It’s hard to say what little Gannon will grow up to do, but Mackenzie and Josh look like they will do a great job raising him, even though they are young.

Check out Mackenzie Douthit’s unseen 16 and Pregnant clip below!

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