16 and Pregnant: Nikkole

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Nikkole the second pregnant teen from season 2 of 16 and Pregnant is a cheerleader at her current highschool. Her parents are separated and she lives with her mother and her younger brother. Nikkole’s boyfriend/baby’s father broke up with her as soon as she told him she was keeping the baby. He then began dating another girl.

On the first day of Nikkole’s junior school year she was embarrassed to go to school because she was pregnant. Josh had been expelled from school so he met Nikkole after school in the parking lot. He apologized to her for breaking up with her and then they were back together again. Nikkole’s mother was upset that she and Josh were back together. Nikkole’s friends didn’t think she was making the right decision either.

When Nikkole had an doctors appointment, Josh went with her, but he was complaining and behaving like a child. Later on while Nikkole was hanging with friends Josh demaded she leave her friends to spend time with him. He called one of Nikkole’s friends a b**** and she fought back. At the same time she gave Nikkole a piece of her mind.

“Everytime he tells you to do something you do it like you’re his little puppy dog!” Nikkole’s friend said.

The homecoming dance was coming and Nikkole went to buy a dress with her mom and Josh tagged along. Josh was upset because he couldn’t go to the dance so he didn’t want to help Nikkole look for a dress or watch her try them on. After trying on several dresses Nikkole asked Josh’s opinion and he picked the one she was wearing without even seeing how it looked. He demanded Nikkole hurry so that she could take him home. Since Josh wasn’t allowed to go to the dance Nikkole planned to leave the dance early and meet up with Josh in the parking lot. Unfortunately Josh never showed up. The next day when Nikkole confronted him he told her in so many words that he stood her up because he didn’t want her to go to the dance and she went anyway.

Nikkole’s baby due dat had arrived but still no baby; therefore, the doctors induced her labor. Josh went to the hospital to support Nikkole. Nikkole was in excruciating pain, but that didn’t stop Josh from picking an argument with Nikkole’s mother. Nikkole’s mother and Josh’s mother was trying to get Josh to behave appropriately and be considerate of Nikkole’s hard labor, but Josh continued to be disrespectful.

“I’m number one, you’re number two!” Josh said to Nikkole’s mother.

“You need to suck it up and act like a grown up!” Josh mother said to him.

After 27 hours of labor Nikkole finally had a baby boy named Lyle.

When Nikkole finally settled in at home after giving birth, she still tried to fix things between she and Josh. Josh wasn’t allowed to their home so she took Lyle to see him at his house after school. She tried to get Josh to apologize to her mother for how he behaved at the hospital but Josh refused. Nikkole later found out from a friend at school that Josh was dating his ex-girlfriend. When she confronted Josh about it, he didn’t deny it but in return he told Nikkole he wasn’t ready to commit.

Even though Josh has broken up with Nikkole again for the who knows how many times, she still says she loves him and hopes they get back together!

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