’16 and Pregnant’ Reunion Won’t Be Complete! Who Will Be Missing?

Season four of 16 and Pregnant recently ended and it went out with a bang! Kristina Robinson-Head ended the season with her emotional story of her fiancé tragically passing away while she was pregnant. Fans are excited to catch up with her and the other girls on Tuesday night’s reunion special, but it looks like fans won’t get to see all the girls! Four of the girls were notified on Monday that their segments were “too long” and won’t be airing on the show.

Devon Broyles, Hope Harbert, and Sabrina Solares all had positive, encouraging episodes with little to no drama. Of course, that is the reason that Hope and Devon gave when they said they weren’t picked for Teen Mom 3. However, not only will they not be on the spin-off, but not on the reunion either.

Devon was the first to break the news to her fans saying, “My segment will not be in the reunion tomorrow night because Apparently it was to long!!” She then confirmed that there were three other girls included in the cut. While both Hope and Sabrina have confirmed the cut, the fourth girl that will be missing is not yet known.

Hope was not happy about the decision, as one can imagine and says that MTV is “playing favorites.” While no one wants to believe that the network would do that, it does appear to be that way, especially since they will not be doing a part two to include the girls whose segments were cut out.

Sabrina was disappointed, but did mention that fans will be able to watch the cut 16 and Pregnant segments online. Of course, while that is a nice alternative for some, what if there are others who do not have access to the internet?

This is certainly disappointing, not only for the girls, but for fans as well. Each girl has their own fan base who supports them, even if they don’t have drama and even if they aren’t on Teen Mom 3. It seems as though MTV is really letting their viewers down with this decision.

What do you think about some of the girls’ segments being cut from the 16 and Pregnant reunion?

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