’16 and Pregnant’s’ Felicia Cooke Gets Baby-Daddy’s Name Tattooed on Her

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16 and Pregnant’s Felicia Cooke is expecting a second child with Alex Gutierrez, who is also the father of her baby girl Genesis. The two have had a rocky relationship and it’s been reported that Alex actually fathered another baby of another woman. Felicia believes that things will work this time around, so much that she made an extremely big commitment.

“I love my new nail color,” Felicia captioned her Instagram photo of her new tattoo of Alex’s name.  “#excusethemanlyhands#tatmynameonyasoiknowitsreal #alex #babyblue.”

Wow, getting someone’s name tattooed on your body is a huge commitment.  Some people even believe it to be bad luck and of all places, Felicia got “Alex” on her left ring finger, which is also extremely visible.

Felicia is one brave girl considering how up and down her relationship with Alex is! Hopefully the relationship is real this time around as Felicia claims it is and hopefully Alex did the same for Felicia and got a tattoo in honor of her as well. They are expecting another child together after all, so it would be ideal for them to be together.

Photo Source: Instagram

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