16 and Pregnant’s Megan McConnell Loves Motherhood

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“16 and Pregnant’s” star Megan McConnell claims she loves motherhood. This provides even more fodder for those young and impressionable teens who are convinced that “Reality TV” shows are actually showing reality.

According to RadarOnline, Megan McConnell says motherhood is better than she ever expected it would be. The “16 and Pregnant” star got pregnant by her boyfriend, who was also a teenager, in addition to being unemployed and having a great affinity for video games. Sounds like a match made in Heaven, doesn’t it?

These reality shows are absolutely horrible and should be banned by all of the networks. Sadly, however, they make tons of money for the networks that air them, and in the meantime encourage young people to adopt behaviors that are simply not cool.

Sure, it’s wonderful that “16 and Pregnant’s” Megan McConnell has adapted to her enormous lifestyle modification, but why should the networks be allowed to glamorize the situation? In no way should TV revert to the “old days” when pregnant teens were shunned and many were even sent away “to visit an aunt” while giving birth and giving their babies up for adoption. But please, folks, let’s stop giving teenagers the impression that getting pregnant and raising children in their teens can end with impressive reality TV show contracts!

Megan McConnell of “16 and Pregnant” and Amber Portwood, star of “Teen Mom” should be made to create public service announcements saying that they have hyped up their situations in an effort to enhance viewing. They should give impressionable teenagers a real look of how life truly is behind the scenes. That might actually provide a healthy dose of “reality;” one that all teenagers should take a very close look at.


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