’16 & Pregnant’ Kristina Robinson: Would ‘Teen Mom 3′ be too Dramatic?

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While this season of 16 & Pregnant was filled with some very riveting stories, none compared to the season finale featuring Kristina Robinson. Not only was she a pregnant teen, but the father of her baby had passed away. While fans have been outspoken in their hope to see her on Teen Mom 3, it doesn’t look likely that she will do the show.

In a recent interview with the Longview News-Journal, Kristina dished about her experience both on the show and after it aired. She said:

“The money is not worth the drama you get from doing the show. Some of the details are off in the show. I had my son at 32 weeks, but the show said 34 weeks. Otherwise, everything was all true. Nothing on the show is fake, and it’s not scripted.”

Interestingly, she revealed that she was picked for the show before the passing of her then fiancé. A lot of people assumed that she was cast after his passing and that her unique story is what landed her a spot, but it seems that MTV liked her for the show before that. While most people would not have blamed her for backing out of the show, she was strong and decided to go forth and share her story with the world. As a result, she has impacted a lot of people, reaching out beyond the typical teenage demographic.

While she has done good, there is so much drama associated with the show and, not only that, but Kristina also said, “I get tired of being reminded of the whole story.” If she were to do Teen Mom 3, she would have to be constantly reminded of the past and, not only that, but she would see herself on television a lot, something else she says she has grown tired of.

Her 16 & Pregnant story definitely touched fans and, as a result, she has gained an amazing support system. Not only that, but she is now remarried and seems to be doing quite well.

What did you think of her story?

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