’16 & Pregnant’ Reunion Recap: The Girls Viewers Didn’t Get to See

The 16 & Pregnant “Life After Labor” reunion special aired on Tuesday, but unfortunately, viewers did not get to see all the girls’ segments on television. MTV decided to cut Sabrina Solares, Devon Broyles, Jordan Howard, and Hope Harbert from the television airing, but their portions were available online. Even though they were not featured on the show, many fans still want to know how they are doing since they last saw them!

The clip revealed that Sabrina’s sister is back in her life. Viewers may recall how upset she was when her sister decided to move out. Sabrina’s boyfriend, Iman, admits that he was in denial at first, but he stepped up, as viewers saw in the episode. The two are still going strong and are even getting married!

Devon’s boyfriend, Colin, is still in the reserves while Devon is working on her GED and hoping to continue with her education. She also revealed that, although she was on birth control, her entire pack of pills were all “sugar pills.” That is why, in her episode, she revealed that she didn’t even know she was pregnant at first!

Jordan’s episode was one of the more controversial as it seemed to deal with racism, although Jordan has said that her mother is not racist. While Jordan and Tyler did not talk for a while, they are now back together and engaged! However, they did not immediately tell their families, and if they didn’t tell them before the special, then it looks like they know now!

Finally, Hope Harbert’s clip revealed a lot about her relationship with Ben. They both admit that, at first, they did not think things would work, but they have certainly made it work! Hope still hopes to go to college but knows that it is going to be hard.

Were you upset that MTV did not air all the girls’ segments on television? Who has been your favorite from this season of 16 & Pregnant?

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