’16 & Pregnant’ Star Briana Disses Reporters for Talking About Her; Katie Agrees

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16 & Pregnant star Briana Dejesus was one of the twelve pregnant teens featured on season 4 of the series. Even though Dejesus signed up for the show, she may not be ready for the criticism and negativity that comes with the show.

Earlier today, a fan tweeted a screenshot of a not so nice post by a 16 & Pregnant fan site to Dejesus. The post claimed that she has become the new Kianna Randall. Ouch! “She tweets enough times a day about the randomest crap, just like Kianna does, and her new boyfriend acts just like she would,” the post claimed.

As expected, Dejesus was upset and tweeted, “Idk why people comment on us.. Uh, you sit on ur a** all day, doing nothing trying to snoop and pick out a story! GET A REAL JOB!”

For starters, people most likely comment on her because she’s on a reality show — by choice! Fans are going to have things to say when they see you on television. She’s opened up her life for millions to see and yet expects no one to comment?

Dejesus insulted blogs everywhere with what she said. To say reports and bloggers don’t have a ‘real job,’ is simply not true. Just because one person has something negative to say, doesn’t mean she should insult reporters in general.

To add insult to injury, her fellow 16 & Pregnant co-star Katie Yeager retweeted the comment, letting fan sites everywhere know that she doesn’t want to be the topic of any debate either.

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