’16 & Pregnant’ Star Gets Engaged and Arrested in the Same Night?!

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Nikkole Paulun may not have made it to Teen Mom, but the 16 & Pregnant star has managed to keep herself in the limelight thanks to social networking. Over the weekend, Nikkole celebrated her 18th birthday in a penthouse suite in Ohio. She was excited to get the party started, and it looks like she may have received some super awesome gifts as well!

Late Saturday night, Nikkole tweeted a photo of her left hand with a sparkly diamond ring on it. She only tweeted the words, “Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!” with it, but didn’t confirm if she and her boyfriend, Josh Drummonds, were officially engaged.

In case you missed her episode of 16 & Pregnant, cheerleader Nikkole Paulun ended up pregnant at a young age. Unfortunately, Josh was an addict and basically not a part of her (or his son’s) life for quite some time. Recently, he has cleaned up his act, and he and Nikkole have rekindled their romance. However, not everyone has been supportive of the relationship and feel that she has been moving too fast with the father of her child. If the two are indeed engaged, she will likely face some backlash from disapproving fans.

However, a possible engagement isn’t the only thing that happened on Nikkole’s birthday night. After midnight, the former reality show star tweeted, “this is not happening. I am not getting arrested…”

It’s unclear if the teen mom was indeed getting arrested or if there was something else going on that caused the crazy tweet. She was partying with her friends, and there is always the possibility that things may have gotten a little out of hand. Not only that, but since she is only 18 years old, if there was any alcohol involved, that could lead to potential trouble.

After the mysterious tweet, Nikkole stopped tweeting, leaving many fans worried about the teen mom. Fans tweeted her, asking her what was going on, but to no avail. Her only other tweet read, “goodbye life,” which certainly doesn’t sound encouraging. Hopefully things get figured out for her soon since she has been going through a lot lately. Last week, she had to endure her son being sick and in the hospital, something that makes all mothers a nervous wreck.

Hopefully, things get figured out for her soon, and if she is indeed engaged, congratulations to her!

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