’16 & Pregnant’ Star Reveals Emotional Situation on New Blog

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The girls of 16 & Pregnant have already gone through some tough emotions as chronicled on the show. However, one girl is dealing with some drama that absolutely no girl should have to deal with.

Sarah Roberts appeared on season 4 of the show. Even though fans were able to relate to her story, MTV didn’t think she had enough drama to be a Teen Mom. Unfortunately, if the network had a crystal ball and could have seen into the future, there is no doubt they would have cast this strong woman for third installment of their hit show.

Sarah recently started a blog and, on her first two posts, she has chronicled some of the drama going on in her life. Fans who follow her know that things between her and the father of her baby, Blake, have not gotten better and that he rarely acknowledges his daughter. However, many were shocked to learn that he had run off and gotten another girl pregnant already. Now, though, Sarah is questioning whether or not it is true and no one seems to want to tell her.

It is great that Sarah has found a way to let her emotions flow. This has to be a hard time for her, but she is doing more than great caring for her daughter, Tinleigh.

The cast for Teen Mom 3 is pretty much set and all that is left to be done is hear the confirmation from MTV. Obviously, Mackenzie, Katie, Alex, and Briana all have intriguing stories to tell, but it seems that MTV stuck to their same casting formula. There is the sweet southern girl, the girl who seems to have it all together, the strong single mom, and the feisty (but in this case, level-headed one).

Sarah Roberts has a great story to share with the world and since fans won’t get to see her on TM3, be sure to check out her episode of 16 & Pregnant and read her blog!

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