’16 & Pregnant’ Star Sarah Roberts Shares Her Story

On tonight’s 16 & Pregnant, we meet Sarah Roberts. She was a junior in high school and dating what she thought to be the love of her life. Roberts gave her virginity to him along with many other “firsts.” But this love did not last and her best friend and boyfriend left her and their daughter shortly after she was born.

In a blog post for Huffington Post Teen, Roberts shares the typical love story teens everywhere experience. She met a boy, they fell in love, they began an intimate relationship, but then, as she recalls, “when I got the news that I was pregnant, everything changed.” The person she had fell in love with left her a single, teen mother.

“I won’t be going away to school like I’d hoped; I won’t be hanging out in a dorm meeting new friends, rushing a sorority or spending late nights studying in the campus library,” she quickly realized. Luckily, Roberts had a loving supportive family and will still graduate high school in time and will be starting college in the fall.

However, many teens are not so lucky and can’t juggle their new baby with school and end up failing or dropping out. Roberts’ advice to young teens? “Respect yourself, and never compromise yourself for someone else. If you decide to have sex, use protection every time.”

Watch Sarah Roberts on tonight’s new episode of 16 & Pregnant at 10:00pm on MTV.

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