’16 & Pregnant’ Star’s Ex Has Another Girl Pregnant

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The most recent season of 16 & Pregnant featured some of the most compelling stories yet. The girls were unique, outspoken, and strong and while not all had to deal with drama on the show, now that the season is over, many of them have had to deal with drama.

Katie Yeager and the father of her baby seemed to be the perfect couple, but looks can be deceiving. He ended up cheating on Katie and because of that, she ended things. She is doing better now, but that is a lot of drama that fans certainly didn’t see coming and her segments on Teen Mom 3 won’t be what anyone expected.

Lindsey Harrison is a cage fighter who was living a pretty hectic life. Not only did she try to juggle school, work, cage fighting, and a baby, but after the show, she had to deal with her boyfriend cheating as well! Like Katie, she also left, but she actually turned down Teen Mom 3, mainly because of the drama that comes along with being a reality show star.

Most recently, Sarah Roberts has had to endure a lot of drama. In case you missed her episode, her then boyfriend Blake had dreams of working on a shrimp boat. Of course, that meant he would have to move pretty far away. In the end, he made the move and hasn’t really been in Sarah, or his daughter Tinleigh’s, life. You would think with one child already, he would think twice before rushing into things, but apparently not!

Sarah tweeted, “How can you already have another girl pregnant when you don’t even care about the one you have.”

Well, if the girl watched Sarah’s episode on MTV, she would know what Blake is like, right? Apparently, the girl is taking Blake’s side and believing his word over her eyes.

Obviously, this is a troubling situation, but Sarah is handling it the best that she can. Luckily, she has since moved on with a man named Jordan Baker. If that name sounds familiar to fans of the show, that’s because he also dated Ashley Salazar who appeared on 16 & Pregnant as well (but he was not the father of her baby). Sarah confirmed that the two are together and while it may not fix everything, having someone who cares about her in her life has to help.

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