’16 & Pregnant’s’ Whitney Purvis Not Awfully Bothered by Mom’s Arrest

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16 & Pregnant star Whitney Purvis doesn’t seem too bothered by the recent arrest of her mom, April Purvis. The elder Purvis was arrested for possession of pot and meth.

According to a report from TMZ, it appears like the relationship between the 16 & Pregnant star and her mom was rather strained to begin with, and although Whitney says she loves her mother, she seems to be trying hard to distance herself from her and her felonious actions.

“What my mom does, does not effect [sic] me,” Whitney says.

It sounds like Whitney Purvis’s dad is no prize either, since she goes on to say the following about her parents and her upbringing:

“I do not want my son to grow up how I did,” she explains, assuring reporters that she is “nothing like her parents.”

16 and PregnantDespite what the 16 & Pregnant star says about wanting to distance herself from her parents, she is undoubtedly hurting from her mother’s most recent actions. Kids can try to disassociate themselves from their parents and their poor choices, but it often doesn’t make the pain they feel any less hurtful.

Whitney Purvis did say that she believes her mom will eventually get her act together and overcome the situation she is presently in. Hopefully, this isn’t just wishful thinking on Whitney’s behalf. Sometimes a parent’s mistakes with regard to drugs and the law can hurt their children for a lifetime.

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