17 Alligators Tunnel to Freedom from Gator Farm: What Happens Now?

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Seventeen alligators tunneled their way to freedom from an alligator farm in Florida! Nine gators were caught, but authorities are still searching for the rest. Apparently, some time on Tuesday, the reptiles managed to escape the Hernando farm in Hernando, Florida.

File:Alligator grin-scubadive67.jpgNow, it’s good the alligators saved themselves from being someone’s dinner or wallet, but it’s bad they’re out and causing a ruckus. It’s a certainty that neighbors are probably freaking out right about now!

Imagine walking down the street and suddenly a gang of alligators appear from the bushes. Some people will agree that would be scarier than any horror story!

Even though the Hernando farm passed an inspection and holds a permit for the gators, it’s clear the farm’s security system could use more work. It’s unimaginable that 17 alligators could escape a gator farm in the first place!

So, when something awful like that happens, guess who’ll get the blame: the owner of the farm. He was cited for the gator escape and could face a second-degree misdemeanor and 60 days in jail. Readers, share your thoughts. Should the law come down harder on the owner or is it already too harsh?

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