18 year old Jesse Logan committed suicide after Sexting Affair

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High school student Jesse Logan took her own life after being taunted and harassed by her peers. She sent nude photos of herself, an action dubbed sexting, to her boyfriend but after breaking up he sent them to other high school girls which lead the Jesse Logan being harassed. The other girls in the school were merciless calling Jesse Logan names like slut or whore, and throwing things at her during school. Jesse Logan became so depressed and miserable over the sexting affair at school that she started skipping classes.

Two months later, Jesse Logan decided to tell her sexting harassment story to a local television station. She said her purpose was simple: "I just want to make sure no one else will have to go through this again." Shortly after, Jesse Logan hung herself over the sexting scandal. Jesse Logan's mother said she never knew the full extent of her daughter's anguish until it was too late.

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