’19 Kids and Counting’ Season Nine Premier

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Love them or hate them, the Duggar family is back in the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting. On tonight’s episode, the family is celebrating Michelle’s pregnancy and enjoying a full schedule of speaking engagements and other opportunities.

The family is so busy that Jim Bob is left at home with the boys and the younger children. The older girls who usually help him all have to go to a speaking engagement with Michelle. For a man who isn’t accustomed to taking care of the little kids, he sure did a good job. He fixed the girls’ hair. While it wasn’t perfect, he handled things like a real pro. He really made it seem easy, but with 19 children under his belt, taking care of them is probably second nature.

Toward the end of the show, Michelle and Jim Bob head to the doctor. This is the fateful visit where the doctor couldn’t hear the baby’s heartbeat. They went to the ultrasound room and the baby’s heartbeat was found. The couple celebrated this milestone at the end of the episode.

As every 19 Kids and Counting fan knows, Michelle lost this baby, which the family named Jubilee. While it wasn’t shown in this episode, Michelle, Jim Bob and their entire family clung to their faith and pressed on by trying to follow God’s plan. This family is such an inspiration to anyone willing to focus on the positive characters and calm spirit of this family.


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