’19 Kids and Counting’ Takes on Education

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The Duggar family of 19 Kids and Counting uses a Christian curriculum to teach the children at home. It focuses on helping the kids to learn book skills, as well as Godly character traits. Because the kids don’t go to a traditional school, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have to teach the kids everything they need to know. To accomplish this, they lean on the older children and a strict schedule to get all the schoolwork in each day.

In this episode of 19 Kids and Counting, Jill Duggar wants the children to learn Spanish. To help with this, she places cards around the house with the Spanish name for certain items. She also takes them to a home where they can learn Spanish. Pleased with their progress, Jill takes them to a Mexican restaurant to order in Spanish. The kids successfully order, although some use a mixture of Spanish and English.

Michelle remarks in this episode that neither she nor Jim Bob has a college degree. That is pretty impressive considering the things they have accomplished. They are both licensed Realtors in Arkansas. Jim Bob has served as a state representative. This is proof positive that Michelle’s saying that you can learn anything that the Lord calls you to do has to be true. There is no other explanation for the success this family enjoys.

The fact that the parents of 19 Kids and Counting don’t have degrees doesn’t stop them from encouraging their children to pursue higher education. Through the College Plus program, the kids who have earned a high school diploma are encouraged to think about and prepare for a higher education.

Would you consider homeschooling your children? What do you think of the Duggar’s method?

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