’19 Kids and Counting': The Duggar’s Celebrate New Season

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The Duggar family is all geared up for a new season of 19 Kids and Counting. The TLC reality TV show’s new season premieres on Tuesday night, September 27th at 9 PM. Will you be watching?

According to a report from FayObserver.com, this new season will include brand new stories about the next generation in the Duggar family. Son Josh and his wife now have two children–and they have even been so bold as to depart from the tradition of calling everyone a name that starts with the letter J.

The Duggar family of 19 Kids and Counting, consists of patriarch Jim Bob Duggar and his wife, Michelle. Together they have nineteen children–the oldest of which is now living on his own with his wife and two kids.

The 19 Kids and Counting gang often comes under great scrutiny from critics who feel they have had way too many children. However the Duggar family relies on no one but themselves to support their giant brood. They receive no assistance from state or federal programs whatsoever.

The last child born to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did cause many fans to question the safety of them continuing to grow their large family. Baby Josie Duggar was born extremely premature and has lasting physical and possibly even developmental issues as a result. Some question if God–whom the Duggar’s believe determines how many children the family will have–was telling the 19 Kids and Counting parents that perhaps nineteen children is enough.

Nevertheless the Duggars will return with yet another season of 19 Kids and Counting Tuesday night, and who knows what this new season will bring. Everyone is holding their breath, without a doubt–waiting to hear whether or not Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are going to have that twentieth child.

Do you think they’ll go for twenty? Do you think they should? Was God telling them with baby Josie that nineteen was plenty?

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I love 19 kids and counting

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