1940 Census Records Reveal Education, Economic Changes

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The 1940 Census records have been released in the U.S., and many people hope to use the details to complete their family trees. However, looking through the data, a dramatic change in the economy and education can be seen.

1940 Census Records Reveal Education, Economic ChangesA college education is obviously more accessible to people in the U.S. today than it was during the Census in 1940. During that time, only 4.6 percent of people over the age of 25 reported having a college degree. By the time the 2010 Census rolled around, 28.2 percent of people over the age of 25 had a college degree. Are you one of them? How many people before you in your family had the opportunity to earn a college degree?

Also, the 1940 Census records show that there has been a dramatic shift in employment. In 1940, the majority of people worked in manufacturing and agriculture. By 2010, that majority had moved to health care and education. Given the way the U.S. is today, this change is not a huge surprise, but it is interesting to see the way things changed over 70 years. Can you imagine what the next 70 years will bring? do you have any thoughts on where the majority of people will be working at that point?

Have you checked out the 1940 Census records online? The National Archives just released the data online today, and it is causing a lot of excitement for people who are interested in tracing their roots.

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