1D’s Niall Horan Loses His Sexy Locks while Naked Requests Pour In

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On June 13, 1D’s Niall Horan was happy to get his hair cut, and said so on Twitter. This happened while the social networking site had the One Direction star trending in a way that had nothing to do with trimming his pretty locks.

In fact, this One Direction singer’s fans apparently wanted the young singer to get rid of more than hair. They wanted him to strip. They wanted to see him naked, and they were serious about this very intimate request.

So, while this entertainer showed himself without wearing a shirt and while showing his underwear while waiting his turn for the clippers to shorten some of those lovely golden strands (see that here), Niall didn’t say anything about taking the rest of his clothing off.

Still, with the trending hashtag–#NiallPleaseGetNaked–ongoing, this meant that there was hope from those who love this looker that they would get to see, well, more of him. Wishful thinking, most likely.

Still, the One Direction-loving social networkers were relentless in their request. In fact, one Twitter follower of the popular group made by X Factor told Horan to “do us a favor, listen to the trend.”

Although this isn’t likely at this point in time, Niall Horan did take the stage in San Jose, California, on June 13 with his clothing on while performing with his One Direction mates. And, at the same time, the 18-year-old Horan’s nearly 14 million followers on Twitter kept begging for an act of a different nature.

That said, what do you think? Should Niall eventually strip for his fans? And how do you feel about sexy Horan having shed some precious chunks of his gorgeous hair before 1D performed in the Silicon Valley tonight? Thoughts? Thanks.

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