2 Chainz Talks Origins of ‘Birthday Song’ with Kanye (Video)

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Ever wonder how a hit song gets made? In the video below, 2 Chainz reveals the process he went through with Kanye West on their hit Birthday Song. Like many great collaborations, where they ended was nowhere near where they started.

Although the song took a while to really hit with the fans, it was one of the most popular songs on the charts last week and it’s starting to break big on the web.

The artists are truly of the digital age, with much of their writing happening online. Emailing parts back and forth until everything gelled, 2 Chainz admits that, at first, he was really just bluffing his way through, stalling for time between emails.

In fact, Birthday Song was not even the first choice. Kanye was interested in a different tune, and on the bus-slash-recording studio 2 Chainz calls home on the road, the two stars went back and forth. Ultimately though, nothing clicked.

When 2 Chainz started looking through his files and pulled this one out of the hat, Kanye immediately jumped on it. He knows a hit when he hears one.

It’s best to hear the tale of how it all came together from the man himself, and that interview is added below.

The song? Well, that’s another story. This being a family paper, it can’t be posted here. Fortunately, YouTube has no such barriers, so have a listen here.

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