2008 Election Fraud Case: Democrat Officials Face Felony Charges

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The 2012 Presidential election is mere months away as people learn that four Democrat officials face felony charges in Indiana due to a 2008 election fraud case that involved faking signatures of voters for Obama, Clinton and Edwards.

Voter election fraud worries are why several states wanted to tighten up their voting restrictions, right? So maybe now people know why some in the political process are against them getting to do so.

As it turns out, the voting fraud in this particular case took place behind the back of the Republican in charge of Indiana’s St. Joseph County Board of Voter Registration Office. Democrats who worked in the office for her, as well as the Democrat Party’s Chairman for the state, Butch Morgan, were the ones who planned and acted out the corrupt voting activity right behind her back. And they did it during the last presidential election.

South Bend, Ind. prosecutors think the Democrats caught up in the scandal felt their candidates needed the votes for a presidential win, at least in the eyes of the main Democratic leader in their state, Butch Morgan, who was the Indiana’s Democrat Party Chairman before this scandal caused his resignation.

If Indiana’s head Democratic leader thought Obama, Hillary and Edwards would lose in 2008 without some cheating help, what did other Dem leaders elsewhere think? And how should we prevent such an occurrence this election year?

Prosecutors in Indiana have brought charges against Morgan, who they say was the ringleader in the activity. They’ve also charged three other people who were involved, but the whistleblower is getting a legal pass, according to his attorney, who told Fox News that, “Lucas really is the hero in this situation. He’s someone who stood up for good government.”

The three other alleged participants in the 2008 election fraud case include Democrat Pam Brunette, who was on the St. Joseph County’s Board of Voter Registration, and Democrat Board of Registration worker Beverly Shelton, as well as Democrat Dennis Blythe, a former board worker and a Democratic volunteer.

But there was one more person in the room when the talks went down between Morgan and the other participants, and this person’s name was Lucas Burkett, another worker in the St. Joseph County Voter Registration Office.

And, like the other three Democrats allegedly taking their marching orders from Morgan, Burkett admits he also went along willingly at first, also faking voter signatures, too–until he got a guilty conscience, that is.

Police allege that Morgan told all the participants that they would falsify votes on behalf of the three Democratic candidates that year (Obama, Clinton, Edwards), and that he would assign which candidate they would fake votes for. Now isn’t that taking the cake? Being asked to fake votes is one thing; being asked to fake votes for the candidate that might not have been one of your choosing is quite another.

Burkett confessed that the St. Joseph County Democrat Party Chairman Butch Morgan assigned him the task of faking voter signatures for Barack Obama. He said his fellow voter registration worker Beverly Shelton was assigned to fake votes for Hillary Clinton, and that Dennis Blythe was asked to fake votes for John Edwards.

Using old election petitions, Burkett said they all agreed to the corruption, copying the names and signatures of previous election year voters, as asked, until John Edwards dropped out of the race. At that point he no longer wanted to take part, so Morgan had Blythe start faking votes for Obama in his absence.

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