2009 Family Vacation Part 7 – Welcome Aboard, First Meal, Starting to Look Around

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This is the seventh photo essay of our family vacation we took in July. If you missed previous photo essays in this series you can find them here:

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 Here is my husbands back as we left Port Canaveral and came to the entrance to the main lobby of the Disney Wonder ship.  They announced each family by name and welcomed you to the ship.  As we entered they told the entire staff and crew and everyone else who boarded ahead of us to welcome our family and everyone applauded as we entered the ship.  They continued these announcements all day as people boarded.  IT was pretty cool – it made the kids feel special.


 This was one of the people doing the announcements and welcoming people.


This is a photo of an awesome chandelier / glass piece they have hanging in the main lobby right above where you first walk in.  I get more photos of it later on from different angles and in different lighting.  It was huge and very beautiful – amazing to look at – truly stunning.

 It is lunch time so they send us down this hall towards Parrot Cay which is open and serving a buffet.  The rooms are not open yet and won’t be open till 1:00.   Notice we don’t have our suitcases – I am so thrilled they picked them up from our hotel room for us and took them directly to our room so we didn’t have to mess with them for this part of things.

We walked past Triton’s – a fancy restaurant on board.  I love the whole ship though – everything on board was beautiful and colorful and a wonderful experience.

Here is the entrance to Parrot Cay.  One thing I like about the restaurants was they had staff standing outside of each one in “sanitary stations” handing out hand wipes to each person so that they could clean/sanitize their hands and their childrens hands before eating.  They were very good about making sure kids and people had plenty of available options for handwashing and sanitary wiping and cleansing.  It was great.

Here was the delicious and wonderful lunch buffet.  Our first experience with the food on board the Disney Wonder and it was fantastic.  I had salad and fruit and shrimp and roast beef.  Unfortunately this is also when my silent reflux was making it impossible for me to eat without choking so guess what happened.  I took a bite of roast beef and choked.  It was awful but not life threatening.  (This next part is disgusting skip on to picture if you don’t wanna get grossed out) I ended up puking into a napkin and unfortunately right down the front of my shirt on myself when I took a drink of water trying to get it out.  Luckily it was just the meat and saliva and so discreet no one else at my table even noticed BUT our rooms were not yet ready and I KNEW what had happened.  I had to strip down to my swimsuit until we were able to get into our rooms to be able to shower and change.  ROUGH start to the cruise part of things BUT after that no more choking, no sea sickness and nothing else bad happened.

Lily had to potty part way through the meal… when I took her in the bathroom she said OOOOHHHH Mommy this is fancy take a picture so of course I complied… she wanted to pose for one too.

Here is one of the walls at Parrot Cay….

Here is a photo of some of us at the table eating…

Greg enjoying a drink

Nana and Dzia Dzia – I love her smile :)

Goofy came into the dining room and got up to some shenanigans! LOL  He tripped over a ladies bag, he poured water into a glass and tried to give it to someone.  He went through the food line and put chocolate syrup on salad and gave it to someone to eat.  He had the kids giggling pretty hard.  Who doesn’t love Goofy? LOL

Drake enjoying dessert

Lily wanted her photo taken too.  I love this shot of her – I think it is one of my favorites from the whole trip!! I also think it is a funny shot though because Nana is sitting behind her and it looks like Nana’s leg  is coming out of her butt.  HA HA HA HA

Hope you enjoyed this installment – the first glimpse on board.  More to come in the next one! Thanks for stopping by!

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