2010 Celebrity Baby Names We Love

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Camila Alves and son Levi McConaughey make a special trip to Downtown Los Angeles , Ca to load up on holiday flowers on December 1, 2009. Fame Pictures, Inc

Not only are these people able to captivate us on TV, in music, and in sports, but they also have created trends on how everyone names their babies. I think I first realized it, when Ross and Rachel named their baby Emma, and its been in the top 20 baby girl names for the last 10 years, not to mention a lot of my friends and even my sister in law have claimed it for when they have a baby girl.


Some of the best baby names so far in 2010 are:

1. Baby girl Vida, born to Actor Matthew McConaughey and Model Camila Alves

2. Baby Boy Axel, born to Comedian Will Ferrell and Actress Viveca Paulin

3. Baby girl Liberty Grace. born to Actor Joey Lawrence (Yay Blossom!!) and Chandi Yawn-Nelson

4. & 5. Baby girl Hartley Grace, and Baby Boy Lydon Edward, born to Singer Mark McGrath and Carin Kingsland

6.Baby boy Sundance Thomas, born to Volley Ball players Casey Jennings and Kerri Walsh.

7. Baby girl Harper Renn, born to Actor Brady Smith and Actress Tiffani Thiessen

8. Baby Boy Levi James, born to singer Sheryl Crow

9. Baby Boy Cash, born to singer John Rich, and Joan Rich

10. Baby Boy Hudson Nicholas, born to singer Drew Lachey


Not only are these names all unique and adorable, but I’m sure you will also see them keep climbing the baby name lists to popularity.

For more information on baby name popularity you can check out the Social Security Website at http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/



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