2010 Kentucky Derby Post Positions, Entries, Favorites & Contenders

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2010 Kentucky Derby Post Positions, Entries, Favorites & Contenders: It appears that several of the 2010 Kentucky Derby favorites have drawn great 2010 Kentucky Derby post positions. Online racebook SPORTSBOOK.com have Looking At Lucky listed at +200 odds to win while running out of the 1st gate and Super Saver listed at +1200 odds to win running out of the 4th gate.

Sidney’s Candy is listed at +300 odds to win the Kentucky Derby 2010 but will be running from the 20th gate. The 2010 Kentucky Derby Post Positions draw this year reverted back to the traditional “pill pull” where the Kentucky Derby entries entry blanks are pulled simultaneously with a numbered pill to determine what stall the various Kentucky Derby contenders would break from in the starting gate.

From 1998-2009, Churchill Downs used a two-tier process to determine the Kentucky Derby Post Positions. Instead of the Kentucky Derby entries being assigned their Kentucky Derby post positions, the connections of each of the Kentucky Derby contenders would select their starting spots. Bet on the 2010 Kentucky Derby and receive a 50% Deposit Bonus & $25 Free Horse Racing Bet.

First, there was a “pill pull” that would determine what order the Kentucky Derby entries connections would pick there place in the starting gate. After the selection order was established and a break for strategizing, the Kentucky Derby post positions selection process would begin. It followed the same protocol of the NFL Draft and the format was created for a live television audience in hopes to add more suspense and drama to the selection process.

2010 Kentucky Derby Post Positions, Entries, Favorites & Contenders

1. Lookin At Lucky
2. Ice Box
3. Nobles Promise
4. Super Saver
5. Line of David
6. Simply Victor
7. American Lion
8. Dean’s Kitten
9. Make Music For Me
10. Paddy O Prado
11. Devil May Care (filly)
12. Conveyance
13. Jackson Bend
14. Mission Impazible
15. Discreetly Mine
16. Awesome Act
17. Dublin
18. Backtalk
19. Homeboykris
20. Sidneys Candy  

Online racebook SPORTSBOOK.com have posted horse racing betting odds to win the 2010 Kentucky Derby:

American Lion   +1200
Awesome Act   +1000
Backtalk   +2000
Conveyance   +1800
Deans Kitten   +2000
Devil May Care   +600
Discreetly Mine   +2500
Dublin   +1200
Homeboykris   +2500
Ice Box   +1000
Interactif   +2000
Jackson Bend   +1500
Line of David   +1800
Lookin at Lucky   +200
Make Music for Me   +3000
Mission Impazible   +1200
Nobles Promise   +1200
Paddy OPrado   +2500
Sidneys Candy   +300
Super Saver   +1200

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