2010 Miss USA Pole Dancing; Rima Fakih

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Rima Fakih, the first Arab Miss Usa: 2010 Miss USA pole-dancing photos are surfing the net right now. The problem is that TMZ is being the dirt monster that they are. They always dig up all of the dirt they can find on someone and post it on their website for everyone to see.

The pole-dancing was for a contest that she participated in back in 2007. Real strippers did give a stripping 101 class for a radio show called “Mojo in the Morning,” a Detroit radio station.

Fakih did win first place and there is no reason why she shouldn’t have. Looking at the look on her face in these photos, she really looked like she was enjoying herself. The episode was all in fun. All girls should have a little fun in their life.

What do you think about the photos?

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