2010 Olympic Ice Dance Medal winners: Ice Romance with the fashion of the costumes – photo show

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The 2010 Winter Olympics Ice Dance concluded tonight with the winners being the Canadians.

Now we, the audience, don’t always see more than the program. It is an easy job for the viewer who loves to watch. We look for the two components to make us happy, the costume fashion and the romance. Those, while aren’t part of the judges score, makes the fans delighted.

CLICK HERE for the photos of Olympic Ice Dance Costumes tonight (Feb. 22)

Now the judges are rating the performers on the technique, the focus, the components of the dance. None of this really seems to matter when we turn on NBC and watch the grace and beauty on the ice. Of course, that doesn’t mean it isn’t important – it just means the average layman doesn’t know.

Last night was the second skate program. The pairs entertained the audience with their performance and showing the judges the technique. The costumes of the evening were of great delight. Some played it safe (cowboy and sailor) some went out further (the cowboy and saloon girl) while others missed the mark completely.

CLICK HERE for the photos of Olympic Ice Dance Costumes tonight (Feb. 21)

When you watch the Olympic Ice Dance finals tonight, take a moment to clap for them all. To get where they are and achieve the dream of being at an Olympic competition, the athletes definitely deserve it.

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