2010 World Cup for David Beckham…!

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Ouch! David Beckham is apparently and almost inevitably not going to be able to play in the 2010 World Cup football competition in South Africa. It is being reported by TV network Sky Sports that David Beckham is suspected of having an Achilles tendon injury.

It is expect that if David Beckham does have an Achilles tendon injury that the 2010 World Cup finals would be out of question this summer. Beckham would be expected to be out of playing in the football competition referred to as the World Cup.

 According to the Press Association, Dr. Tom Crisp, a sports physician, says “It’s remotely possible he may be running in three months. The chances of him being fit to play for England are non-existent.”

Well that honestly just stinks having David Beckham out of the 2010 World Cup! I hope Dr. Tom Crisp proves to be very wrong and we see Beckham running in South Africa and showing England proud and doctors as fallible!



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