2011 NBA Trade Rumors – Heat Moving Bosh?

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Miami is one of the few NBA teams that was not able to improve themselves through the draft. The Heat also have severe restrictions on what they can do during the off-season because of the three star players on the team.

The front office is handcuffed and the only way it seems this team could add enough talent to win an NBA Championship is to trade one of their stars. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are not going anywhere, so that leaves Chris Bosh as trade bait.

Bosh struggled in the playoffs as he gets limited touches with the other two players on the floor, but Bosh is a good low post player and his trade value could bring Miami a couple of solid players and that could be the depth needed for this team to win the big game.

One rumor has Bosh heading to the LA Clippers and in return the Heat would get Chris Kaman an Randy Foye. Miami would get two solid players and the Clippers would add Bosh to go along with Blake Griffin in the front-court.

The trade would give the NBA another big name in the LA market and Miami would add some much-needed depth, this would be a good scenario for both teams and the league. The Clippers are looking to compete in LA and adding Bosh would be a big step in the right direction for the other LA team.

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