2011 NHL Trade Rumors – Alexander Semin to Red Wings?

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Alexander Semin is entering the last year of his NHL contract with the Washington Capitals and it seems that the team has too many young players to sign over the next year to keep Semin on the team. His current salary is over $6 million and few teams have the cap space to sign the young star.

The latest rumor has the Detroit Red Wings making a move for one of the league’s top scorers and the team is $5.85 million under the cap and that would be a big help in making a move with Washington.

Detroit has several players over the age of 30 on the team and have struggled offensively the last two years in the NHL playoffs. The Red Wings have lost to San Jose both years and adding a sniper like Semin could make a huge difference for the team in the upcoming season.

Washington can’t ask too steep of price as they won’t have the cap space to add a superstar, so look for the Capitals to ask for a couple younger players in hopes of keeping the franchise moving forward for several years. Detroit rarely makes moves with other clubs, but with the LA Kings and Chicago Blackhawks making so many upgrades this off-season, Detroit needs to keep up and this trade would be a great deal for the team.

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